EMB EXPERT is a group of experts who specialize in Web Development, Software Development, Application Development (iOS/Android), S.E.O, Logo Designing, Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Conversion services. We are in the business since 2018 and provided quality services to plenty of clients.

Our core values are motivated. We attempt to enhance and exceed our customers' standards. Furthermore, our core values reflect who we are because we believe that a great picture requires a wide range of inventions, new perspectives, and brilliant ideas, so we aim for diversity in our work, designs, and services.

We specialize in building and distributing software products, it varies depending on the client's base and expectations. Further, we are determined to achieve tasks, goals on parameters provided by excellent programmers on board. Developers who are part of our dedicated team devote their full-time attention to the problem at hand and be fully engaged in the project.

At EMB EXPERT, we also develop software that perform on all of the traditional desktop operating systems like Linux, Mac, or Windows. Such apps can assist organizations in their daily tasks, automate processes, and provide a wide range of functionalities (like report generation). We even host our applications in the cloud. Also, we may choose server-based applications that aid in digital transformation.