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EMB Expert - We provide solutions for businesses.

When it comes to digital solutions, EMB Expert is a platform where you can get the embroidery digitizing and vector conversion services
along with the Website and Application Development, Logo Designing and SEO. Our digitizers specialize in real image digitizing and custom logo. We have EXPERTS that can create the software, website and application in order to provide ease for your business needs. We have been providing the services in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia for years. Now in this digital era, this is the place where you can get your ideas done in a simpler and more genuine way from anywhere around the globe. We have a team of EXPERTS on board, they will give the direction to your organization which takes your business to become better and more competitive. We have a quicker turnaround time with the flat prices without any hidden charges. We do business in a simple but smart way in order to keep our clients satisfied and happy.

Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing


Our EXPERTS guarantee the highest digitizing quality. Our primary aim is for you to be happy. Our skilled team provides the highest level of service, and our system makes ordering and managing design files easy. We can create digital files in any format for use in all forms of embroidery.

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Vector Conversions

Vector Conversions


Our EXPERTS are able to dazzle our customers with brilliant results by impeccably converting complex bitmap artwork into a vector. Even if your artwork is bad, EMB Expert will convert your files to Vector format.

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Website Development

Website Development

FullStack Development

Our comprehensive custom website development services can take care of your web design and development.

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Mobile Application

Application Development

Mobile Application

Our EXPERTS create smart phone apps to make the business seem more sophisticated. Our programmers are experienced in making custom iOS and Android apps for both operating systems.

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Software Development

Software Development


Our EXPERTS provide programming creation services to both new and existing businesses. Our team is successful and provides excellent financial benefits. Programming with a lot of imagination.

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Logo Designing

Logo Designing


Our EXPERTS can take your company to the next level, particularly in today's commercial environment. We use your brief to develop powerful logos that speak to your company's goals and brand character at the lowest possible cost.

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Search Engine


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO expert focuses on improving your digital identity in the most advanced way possible by building pathways for the most powerful authorities.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Our EXPERTS will help you maximize social media marketing with ads that drive conversions, whether you're looking for online transactions or in-store visits.

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Recent projects


When you need to stand out from your rivals, EMB expert is the place to go. Furthermore, we don't simply sell you one-time solutions; we sell you comprehensive packages that will make your business look great with continuity, reasonableness, and no problems. EMB EXPERT is a group of experts who specialize in Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Conversion, Web Development and Designing, Software Development, App Development (iOS/Android), and Logo Designing. We have 400+ satisfied clients around the globe and they increasing day by day..


  • Customer Service with technical end support 24/7.
  • Fast embroidery digitizing services.
  • Fair pricing with an easy and transparent way to pay.
  • Promotional Discounts.
  • All the primary ones are assisted by delayed and transparent payment methods.
  • Free revisions of your vector and digitizing converted files.
  • 100 % Bonded Satisfaction.

Our Skills

  • Logo Digitizing
  • Jacket Back Digitizing
  • Left Chest Digitizing
  • Monogram Digitizing
  • Hat Digitizing
  • 3D Puff Digitizing
  • Glove Digitizing
  • Applique Emproidery

What They Said About Us

EMB EXPERT has been great to work with! They do an excellent job of digitizing, and they have a quick turnaround. I highly recommend their services

John Smith

Robert and Malcom are always at our fingertips willing and eager to help and to turnaround time is terrific. They usually get it completed before we need it.


Designs were completed quickly and without error. I needed to respond with samples in a rush. I was able to do so and that made my customers happy.Thanks!


What We Do ?

EMB Expert has specialized in embroidery digitizing and vector conversion services, which are also our main and primary services. However, it has been more than 5 years since EMB Expert expanded its reach and began some new initiatives. Web Designing & Development, Application Development, and other leading online business solutions as well as digital marketing and logo design. Trying will worth it.


Pricing Tables

Most to all of our orders are completed witnin the 3-12 hours, after receiving the order, however we ask for 24 hours to ensure that the design you receive is of the highest possible quality after going through our rigorous quality checks.