The digitizer must recognize the requirements of the specific job of digitizing. This involves knowing the digitized design's desired the size and the type of fabric and clothing on which it will be embroidered. It also involves learning about how to interpret the design. Embroidery is now carried out using machines that are supplied with the embroidery artwork's and digitize design. This digital design would consist of ways to follow and create the design by the machine. Mostly, embroidery is now used to sew uniforms, work clothes, casual clothing and such with logos and similar text. It is also used to emphasize the design of a garment huge collection.

The process of digitizing embroidery designs and first can understand what our customer wants. And then applying a thorough understanding of the automatic embroidery process and do specific design skills of the industry to give us a satisfying result. Basically, embroidery digitizing refers to the method in which a raw artwork is converted into a format which is machine understandable. The digitized embroidery designs are then sewn by the embroidery

machine on the preferred garments. There are different techniques for the digitization process for different designs. For embroidery, applique, and laser/embroidery combo designs, we digitized. We accept sewing files provided by the customer. To determine if they are right for your project, we will work with you. We can typically make them work well and produce the output you want. Digitizing for monograms can be confusing if you are digitizing yourself. In order to produce immaculate results with embroidered monograms, there are trivial things that must be taken good care. These basic guiding principles, even if you do not digitize on your own, help you evaluate the digitized file before it is embroidered. While digitizing monograms, creating monograms that are should be the ultimate priority.

The digitization is the first step in producing quality embroidery and that technical requirements are not the same for each embroidery design. Therefore, we apply various technicalities so that the designs can be easily embroidered on any material. In our embroidery style, we also maintain consistency in color, trim, and density. In addition, the stitch counts are preserved according to the design scale.